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Welcome to Alphajudah Commodities – Worldwide Supplier of Organic Products

We Are Your One Stop Shop for Fresh and Flavorful Organic Products

Alphajudah presents itself with one promise: To provide you with premium quality and 100% organic products. Nature is all around us and it is our responsibility to appreciate the God given gifts. We have taken these gifts and now, bring them to you for your pleasure.

You are more than welcome to explore our organic products that have been sourced ethically from well-managed forest and by certified farmers. What more could one ask for living a healthy and green life!

Cocoa Powder


Certified company providing you organic dried mango fruits, organic dried pineapple fruits,  cacao (cocoa) powder, nibs and beans.


No processed foods, no GM, no hydrogenated fats


100% organic and tasteful

Lead a Green Life

Worldwide supplier of organic products

Apart from organic products, we also provide products that allow you to live a green life. Our inventory might be small but we do provide all products in bulk. Our green life products include Cemex cement, Mahogany timber log and teak timber log.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is that our organic food products are 100% natural. They are harvested ethically by certified farmers and no chemical is used to enhance their appearance. As for the green life products, we source them from some of the best well-managed forests.

Competitive Pricing

Worldwide supplier of organic products

We believe in giving quality and quantity hand in hand. Our quality does not reflect on our price tag because we are customer focused. You will find our products at a more reasonable price as compared to our competitors. As long as our customers are smiling and talking about our high quality but reasonable priced products, we know we have done our job. With us, you will never have to doubt a product’s quality because we go all out on providing our customers the best of the best.

Buy in Bulk

Worldwide supplier of organic products

We guarantee you that you won’t find a better platform that sells 100% organic products and that in bulk. Whenever you will place an order, we will meet all your requirements. Many people are concerned that if they order organic products in bulk, the quality is reduced but we assure you that we won’t rest until you are fully satisfied. No matter when you place an order, we will deliver the products on time and as per your requirements.

Your 100% Organic Partners

Worldwide supplier of Organic Products

There’s one thing we don’t back down from and that is delivering a quality supply, on time and to your satisfaction. We have delivered organic products to hundreds of clients and make sure that they are satisfied. Whatever your needs, you can count on Alphajudah for satisfaction.

Take a step towards Alphajudah and allow us to show you how quality organic products taste, feel and look like. Contact us today and tell us your supply requirements. We will have the products sourced and ready for you in no time!

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